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Platform Dominance

  • 70% of funds in HK distributed by banks, 60% in SG1; extremely high costs to get onto the distribution network.

Business Practices Not Changing

  • Understanding end clients’ needs is paramount to fund managers, ironically lack of access to data is ranked #1 issue2.​​
  • “Culturally, the asset management industry has operated in the same way for the last 30 years so there is not necessarily the understanding or the urgency of adopting new technology”3.​​​

  1. Source: Cerulli Associates, January 2019
  2. Source: Funds Europe industry survey, March 2017
  3. Source: Funds Global Asia industry survey, May 2018


  • “There is no product that has been invented in the past 10 years that we need. You could create a perfectly good portfolio from the products created 10 or 20 years ago”1.​


  • Average person in Asia does not have a proper portfolio and is undermanaged.​

  1. Source: AsianInvestor, quote from Blair Pickerell, ex Asia chairman of Nikko Asset Management, December 2015


In MAP Partners,

we are cognizant that we manage the savings or pensions of people; 

we make decisions for them that will affect their financial wellbeing; 

we believe we should always act in the best interests of our Clients; 

we believe we should never be limited by existing practices, platforms, ideas;

we believe the financial journey of every single institution or individual is different.

We are committed to providing a roadmap for your financial journey together with our Partners.  That is who we are, MAP Partners.